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Říjen 2007

After Forever: Reflections

13. října 2007 v 1:13 | Kimbbu |  Texty a překlady písní
Verse 1:
I´m in a spiral of thoughts, the past, the pain, it all comes back
I see but now I see more, even feel their side of this tale
I realise their fate, no one´s to blame, two sides
My life´s a mirror that no one sees
If I could show them my own vision of this world
My life´s a mirror I need them to see
So they would open up to me and fill up my emptiness
Verse 2:
I still really try to feel, a strang experience to enter the other side
I feel there´s so much we never said
It´s all misunderstood, the emotiones that we had
Voice in the back of her head:
Maybe if you would have the guts to open up
Maybe the world would do the same, maybe, maybe
You can still be a part of this world, still be the queen of the ball
Not of your empty paradise where no one sees the beauty inside
Grunts bridge:
Face the world outside my safe shell
I must face reality for once
I´ve never felt the passion of a warm life
Games, TV, I know they´ re not real, they´re just a substitute
Final choir:
This could mean the breaking point in these three lives
The moment of insight that could change their misfortune
Let this help be enough to make it, let this be stronger than pain
The ancient wall between love and the comprehension
That will lead to the inner forgiveness
A reflection outside the circle of your life is all you should seek

Who I admire?

12. října 2007 v 23:44 | Kimbbu |  Essays (AND SO ON:D)
When I asked myself, who is my ideal and whose enemy I do not want to be, I am on the Cloud Nine and a face of my future´s man is haunting my mind, the face of the count Olaf. This man is loved by me and my sister and hated by everybody. He is so famous, that certain witness of unfortunate events Mister Lemony (he has nothing in common with a lemon) is sitting by his magic old-time typewriter of 1 2 3 brand and tapping as a woodpecker at the moment. This brave writer takes life to inform more intelligent part of population (that read books-especially A Series of Unfortunate Events) about steps, which the mingy and grabby count Olaf takes to get in the possession of the whole heritage of Baudelaire´s siblings.

And who really is this count Olaf?
His the grabbiest the most fascinated and talented and dramatic of all individualities getting me on my knees. My lifetime´s wish is to follow him through the shadows, cutting his nails and rubbing his painful blisters. The count Olaf likes his theatre company, masks, lemonades, a roast beef, a straight sight eyeball to eyeball and mainly spinning plans how to steal the possession of Baudelaire´s siblings. He cannot stand kids, monkeys and pasta with Putanesca sauce.

I would like to cross refer to his neverending memory. Keep a light ground for him! Ever since the count Olaf has become a part of my life, I have not a restful place in my soul. I am taking the affection of so-called calm before the storm. I anticipate and wait what tomorrow will bring and when the count Olaf will find his redemption, his Messiah.

Some pictures of the count Olaf:

How to describe "GRAVEDIGGER"?

12. října 2007 v 22:56 | Kimbbu |  Essays (AND SO ON:D)
A human who decided to work this way should be some kind of easy-going optimistic person, because he/she would probably go crazy and become desperate of his loneliness-unloneliness. Shortly it is an adorable job. He/she likes mostly green and brown color. He/she must be in good condition to digging. He/she has to work carefully because of his/her pretty important responsible business. A place where he/she works includes spiritualism mood. It may seem as a high-level job as he/she has many people below, even some hundreds. He/she works outside, so he/she can breathe well. He/she need not to wear a uniform. He/she meets many families, couples and individuals everyday, and it is possible he/she may see famous ones sometimes. His/her tools consist of skilful hands and high-quality shovel. Every step he/she does he/she sees a cross.